Demetri York



Pizza Delivery (2018)
Dream State (2018)
6:00pm (2017)
Chimera Bella (2017)
Red (2017)
Please Don’t Call the Cops(2017)
Oh, My Dear Darling (2017)


7 Ouranoi Kai Synnefa Alites(2012)
Sasta Tzi Egirasin(2013)
Bals Me 12 Theous (2012)
Gia tin Agapi Sou(2009)


Kazantzakis (2017)
Vampire Masquerade (2017)
Homebody Kabul (2016)
12 Angry Men(2015)
The Destiny of Me(2014)
Hen’s Night(2012)
Girokomio Ta Seraphim(2012)
Simpetheroi Apo ta Tirana(2010)
Den Ime Ego(2009)


Demetri wants to live in a world that understands his pompadour and his need to wear a feather earring.

As an entertainer with more than 10 years of experience he’s been in films, plays, and many stand up comedy shows.  One of the greatest shows he did was a comedy show named Xelwnonistikakia which he wrote, produced, and starred.  He has 3 years of improvise training and his a graduate of Stella Adler Academy of Acting with a full scholarship.  But mostly stand-up comedian.  With a stand-up attitude.  Truly a stand-up guy.  

When he’s not doing stand-up comedy, you can find him taking selfies and writing out bottom feeder advice.


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